Creativity is our passion

Activstudios is a creative digital studio that provides our clients with all the creative services they need. We deliver Websites / Interactive Multi-Media / 2D & 3D Motion Graphics / Animation / Video / Audio Sound Design. Activstudios was founded in 2004 by Scott Bailey who has over 18 years industry experience. We provided every aspect of project delivery from conceptualising through to design to production and post-production.


We live and breath the web. We offer development and design of your on-line brand, from content managed systems, eccommerce, interactive, video and social.


Bring your brand to life with video and animations. We offer illustrative, 3D/2D animation, visualisations. Video, flash, or HTML5.


Interactive advertising, animation & UX/UI. We can help your brand come to life. We offer interactive via Adobe Flash, Adobe Edge & HTML5/JS.

Services we provide

Social Media * Web Design * Web Development * Domain Registration * Website Hosting * Email Accounts * SEO * VEND POS * Campaigns * Micro-sites * mySQL, Firebase NoSQL & Mongo Databases * Wordpress CMS * Website Maintenance * CSS & HTML Development * Wire Framing * UX/UI Design * eCommerce * Paypal Integration * Email Campaigns * Localisation * Corporate Branding * E-book Creations * PDF Catalogs * Style Guides * Presentations * iBooks * Flash Banner Advertising * Kiosks * Flash & Air Animation * Edge HTML5 Animation * Visualisations * Graphic Design * 3D Compositing * Illustration * Infographics * Prototyping * Typography * Photo Enhancement * Photo Manipulation * Photo Restoration * Motion graphics and video Editing * Branding and Ident stings * Story boarding * 2D/3D Animation * 3D Modelling * Screen Savers * Presentation * Rendering * Media Encoding * Titling * Banner Advertising * Special FX * Motion Tracking * Camera Tracking * Rotoscoping * Keying * 3D Camera Projection Mapping * 3D Dynamic Simulation * Sound Design * Music & FX


We can help you build an identity around your product or service or help revive your existing brand to fit into todays market place. Logos & corporate branding.


Social media allows your brand to connect to your customers. Engaging with your audience helps brand awareness. Twitter, Facebook, Google+


We can design your brand and make it stand out from the crowd. From 2D illustration vectors, web layouts, corporate documents, social media graphics and 3D renderings.

Helping your brand grow

When it comes to the digital arena you are in safe hands. We offer a full range of creative digital services from design to implementation. We have a thorough knowledge of all digital mediums and combining these disciplines we help our clients create their vision no matter how big or small.