Limitless Mobile

One of the world’s leading enablers of digital services, limitless mobile provides best in class products across a worldwide network. Limitless has become one of Europe’s emerging mobile providers focusing on mobile services, including voice, SMS and broadband capabilities. Currently providing networks operating in Europe and USA, with offices found in Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Romania, Poland, Sweden, UK and USA.

The Brief

We were approached by our friends Cubiq Design to produce a 6 minute animated composite for a kiosk display. Video production, 3D Compositing, 3D Modelling, Dynamic Cloth Simulation, 3D Camera Projection, Camera Mapping

Client: Limitless Mobile | Agency: Cubiq Design

Store front – The store front was supplied as a flat 2D image, this was imported into Cinema4D and camera projection mapping was applied to the image to allow a virtual camera to pan and move into the store. Components of the store had to then be replaced with geometry, and existing textures from the image baked onto that geometry. The glass was removed and replaced with glass materials to enable you to see into the store. All assets in the store, from tables, posters, ceiling, floor, lights etc were re-modelled in Cinema 4D.

Poster – Next was the poster of Gerard on the wall of a building. This was again supplied as a flattened Jpg image, as no layered assets were available. This was imported into photoshop, and the poster removed and replaced. The wall of the building was cloned to cover the area of the poster removal. The lights in front of the poster were removed and placed on its own layer. All asset’s were then imported into Cinema4D, and soft dynamics simulation was applied to the poster plane, to enable it to roll down the wall.

London Eye – The London city scape was also supplied as a flat Jpg image. To give the shot some movement, the spokes of the London eye were removed from the original image plate and then a 3D replacement was modelled and animated in Cinema4D. The water reflection was animated with a distortion map in After Effects.